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Friday, February 23, 2024



Hey gang, hi ya, how are ya?  Good, I hope.  Well, I’ve been MIA because I’ve been working hard, but wanted to stick my head in with a quick, little story that will make you go, “HUH?" 

It did me.  LOL 

I went to the lab the other day for the yearly, much-dreaded, mammogram... and yes, that's the way I look at the machine it's my arch nemesis. Anyway, I’ve done these for many years—probably have not had hundreds of them, but certainly dozens—and they never get any better.  I don’t think the technique has improved one iota since my very first one. 

Now, to be fair, I’m certain the technology and accuracy has improved, but not the technique as experienced from my end. Hence, my firm belief that it is all men behind the development of this method—which I am certain would be significantly improved (fast) if men had to use the same methodology on their “equipment”.  Could someone propose that at the next user meeting…please! 

Okay, I digress.  Since the process has not improved one stupid millimeter, I’m not going to go into detail here—we all get it.  But if you want to see a blog I wrote a few years ago about my mammo, here is a link to that one.  😊  Enjoy…then come back here and read about the head-scratching moment I encountered at this year’s appointment. 

Link to Old Blog Post

Now, as I was saying, I had a WTF moment at this year’s mammo appointment.  All went as it always has—compassionate woman administered the test, reminded me to remove the BB’s, and all was good. But on my way OUT of the clinic, I encountered a handwritten sign in all capital letters, using red ink, taped to the inside of the door that read as follows: 


Now, I have to surmise that there was a big problem with this door being used as an entrance instead of an exit—hence, the handwritten sign that someone felt needed to be posted (and with emphasis). 

But I’m not sure the solution, as implemented, truly yields a lot of improvement. 

Wouldn’t you think you would stop more “entering” violators by posting this sign on the outside of the door?  I actually checked outside and there were no signs anywhere…only on the inside. 


I sure hope the person who posted this sign isn’t responsible for anything truly testing or reading results. Perhaps there is a special position for Coordinator of Handwritten Door Warnings. 

One can only hope.

Well, that’s my story, confused and confounding, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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  1. You have my sympathy. I just got my first one last year. It wasn't too bad, now if you compare it to the nightmare that was a piece of cake. I scheduled both the mammogram and the bone density test for the same day. One following the other. The day before my appointments, They called and said the one had been cancelled, but I could get it schedule for the same day at another location over an hour away. Uhhhhhh...NO. When I got there, the cancelled one was back on the schedule and the other one had been cancelled. After a lengthy discussion I was able to get both done, but another nightmare began. The knucklehead at another location jumped the gun and was trying to bill me for the one procedure at the far away I never went to. It took several months to finally get it straightened out. I won't consider going back to that location or any location connected to it.
    I agree that men should have to go through it with their MAN boobies AND their manhoods. It would get it changed VERY quickly.

  2. That's hilarious! It kind of reminds me of when I was recently in the ER/hospital several times for kidney stones. When you go into the restroom in the back of the ER and they give you the little cup for the urine sample, there's a huge sign across from the toilet that says, "Insert urine samples in rear." LOLOL! Well, besides my smart assed sense of humor it took me a bit to realize that there's that little silver door right over the toilet behind me to set that thing in. I mean, I had seen them, but the sign just sort of threw me off...LOL! Really do people think of behind them on the toilet while they are sitting there as their "rear" where they are supposed to "insert" their urine sample??? LOLOL. I know what it sounded like to me and that wasn't it!

  3. Stuff like this really cracks me up. It's one of the few golden things left on the internet - pictures of ridiculous signs. I saw a strip club in Tampa the other night whose sign said "Parking in Rear ONLY" . I wondered first if that was a euphemism and second how many people really wanted to park out in front for all to see - and were sad to be relegated to the rear.