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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Do Over by Sharon Peterson

 My last review was beautiful and serious, so now it's time for a lot of fun.  A kettle full of laughs is necessary to get through the dingy, brown days of late winter.

Perci is a people-pleaser, starting with her mom, and then her boyfriend, Brent, and all others. 

Apparently, Brent is too hard to please. 

I want to tell you, as a reader, how Brent broke-up with Perci, but I can't.  I had to put the book down and wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes.  For Perci, I want to smack him, but I can't deny the humor.  

She has a change in her romantic relationship, changes her job because she works with Brent, and the other life changes are all done by keeping a sense of humor in life. 

Perci, in her late twenties, is my kind of woman.  She loves her forget-the-rules grandma, loves chocolate, and is working on the idea of loving herself.

Hot-Man-Next-Door, Nate, gets involved.  And a good thing he does.  He's accidentally what Perci needs and wants and should have.  With all the sudden changes in her life and happenings in the family, Nate pulls Perci through with the best of kisses and tulips (two-lips).  Those are kind of the same, but not really:)

Laugh and love,



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