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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disappointing Romance Novel?

Have you ever picked up a novel and been disappointed? All the hype and reviews led you to believe *this* was the best thing since sliced bread and yet, the moment you read the first paragraph, you knew it wasn’t? Sometimes, even our favorite authors have a story that just feels “off.”Fortunately for me, this hasn’t happened very often – only two or three times in the almost 40 years I’ve been an avid reader.
There were a few that had slow starts but once I got to the middle of the book, the story and pace picked up, leaving me satisfied at the end and glad I persevered. There have been a few that started well but kinda lost me somewhere afterward, but still, I read to the end. And there were one or two that started badly and stayed bad, but I kept reading, hoping the story would get better (they never did and I was left with the feeling that I had wasted my time).

I’ve only read one book that made me want to throw it at the wall, but perhaps it was me and the story just wasn’t what I was looking for at the time or perhaps, I had too much other stuff going on in my life that made it impossible for me to like that story.
Have you ever been disappointed in a romance novel? What was it about the story you didn’t like? Did it turn you off of that author? Or did you pick up his/her next release, hoping it was better than the last?

Happy Reading!

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  1. Yes, I've sometimes read disappointing romances--sometimes it's a theme I'm not crazy about, or the plot will take a turn into a theme I'm not crazy about (i.e., secret babies--which may be right up another reader's alley, so sometimes it's just me!), or the character(s) will behave in a way that I find unrealistic or that I completely can't relate to, or once in a while, it'll be poorly executed, either with the story being farfetched OR with the editing poorly done so that the errors are distracting and thus making the whole read not enjoyable. And obviously, if it's a romance, I want a satisfying HEA.

    I'll usually give an author another try, or even two... but if they consistently disappoint, then yes, I'm going to stop reading them.