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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: First Night by Debra Webb

Debra Webb writes a tale from her series, The Colby Agency.  Filled with a basket of conflicts, it’s a wonder that the crime under investigation could possibly be solved.

The Windy City, Chicago, sends more than a frozen breeze through Merri’s door as she works overtime as an investigator at the Colby Agency.  Merri, not able to hear, isn’t aware that a blood covered man, Brandon, shows up after hours to plead his innocence in the murder of his roommate, Kick, until he approaches her in her office. 

Brandon, a dyslexic, fears he is the main suspect. 

Merri and Brandon hide their disabilities and the chemistry building between them, yet work together to find out who knew Kick’s agenda as a journalist.  Kick previously researched an article to uncover the Crime Commission leader’s connection to the Mob.   

The story leads you on a trail with many dead-ends and complications.  Merri has no intentions of giving in to the real murderer, even if it may cost her own life.  Brandon won’t allow her to get in the line of fire as innocent bystanders find themselves.

Don’t miss out on whether the murderer is apprehended and how Merri and Brandon find that their disabilities are another barrier they can overcome.    


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