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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Author Interview: Michelle Willingham

Alexis: Hi Michelle. Welcome to Happily Ever After Thoughts.  Thank you so much for coming.  I love your book covers!  I noticed that you have focused on the Celtic theme lately.  Any particular reason why?

Michelle: Years ago, I visited Ireland and was amazed by all of the castles and round towers.  I knew Scottish romances were popular, but I wondered why I hadn't seen as many Irish romances.  I wrote a series of six Irish medieval romances, followed by some Victorian books, and now I've finally made my way into Scotland.  It was fascinating to see the differences and similarities in the two Celtic countries, and who doesn't love a hot medieval warrior? :-)

Alexis:  I’m all for that! Speaking of a hot medieval warrior, you have a new romance being released this month. Can you tell us about Seduced by Her Highland Warrior?

Michelle:  Seduced by Her Highland Warrior is the second book in my MacKinloch Clan series.  It features the clan’s chief, Alex MacKinloch, who is fighting to rebuild his clan’s fortress after they survive a battle with the English during the Scottish Wars of Independence.  He’s estranged from his wife after they lost their infant son.  In grieving, they grew apart and though they love each other, they’ve become virtual strangers.  Laren found solace for her grief in making stained glass, and it’s a secret she’s kept from her husband.  Alex tried to remain strong and focus his efforts on keeping the clan together, and he’s never faced the grief over losing their child.  Together, they must work through the past to rebuild their childhood love.

Alexis: Wow, this sounds like an emotional ride already. I think it fascinating that your hero and heroine are already married in this romance. You also took this approach with Claimed by the Highland Warrior. Why did you decide to do this?

Michelle: It wasn't a conscious decision, really.  In Claimed, I wanted to do a reunion story after Bram and Nairna were separated during his imprisonment.  The characters of Laren and Alex came alive during that story, and it intrigued me that their marriage had started to deteriorate.  I thought it would be a unique romance to explore how a failing marriage could be saved.

Alexis: I think you are right. It is unique and intriguing. What kind of research did you have to do for these novels? Did you just have to travel to Scotland? :-)

Michelle:  I did travel to Scotland in June of 2010, and at that time I was nearly finished with Claimed  and was brainstorming Seduced.  When I visited the museum Edinburgh and later, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, I saw many examples of 14th century and 13th century stained glass.  It was amazing how vibrant the colors were, and I took many photographs to inspire Laren's glass.  I also visited a glass-blowing studio, Art of Fire, in Maryland and the artists helped me to understand how glass was made from raw materials, and how Laren would have made her own glass.

Alexis: That’s what I call fun and education research. If that is the type of research you’ve done for most of your novels, I can see why you’ve enjoyed writing so many. You have about 20 romances published now, right? Which one has your favorite hero?

Michelle: I've published eleven full-length books (one is slated to release in June of next year), six novellas, a short time travel story, and an online read.  So almost twenty!  I have many favorite heroes, but I have a particular love of tormented men.  Kieran O'Brannon from Her Warrior Slave was a woodcarver, with a tortured past, and I had a particular fondness for him.  I also loved Trahern MacEgan of Surrender to an Irish Warrior who lost the woman he loved and was seeking vengeance.  Trahern is the only hero I've done who shaved his head, and the cover art for that book was breathtaking.

Alexis: You are right. Here's the link for readers who would like to check it out  Do you have any other romances in the works that we can look forward to?

Michelle: On September 1st, my e-book novella “Craving the Highlander’s Touch” will release.  It’s connected to Seduced by Her Highland Warrior with two secondary characters (a wounded Highlander and an English lady) whom I felt deserved their own story. My next book, The Accidental Prince, is a sequel to The Accidental Princess and will be released in June 2012.  I was excited to finally give Karl his story, and I hope readers will enjoy the fairytale.  I'm also working on the third book in the MacKinloch series, and am halfway finished with Callum MacKinloch's story.  He's a particular challenge to write, because he lost the ability to speak.

Alexis: Oh wow. I love scarred heroes and Callum sounds absolutely riveting. 

Is there anything that you have to have when you sit down to write, like a photo of your family nearby, a cup of tea, lots of chocolate? :-)

Michelle: Soundtrack music is very much a part of my writing. I usually have an instrumental soundtrack that goes along with the story.  For Claimed by the Highland Warrior, it was The Tudors, Seasons 1 & 2.  For Seduced by Her Highland Warrior, I listened to more of The Tudors, only it was Season 3 this time.  I have no idea why those soundtracks helped me tap into Highlander mode, but for the third book in the trilogy, I'm listening to The Bourne Identity.  Now how's that for strange?

Alexis: Hmm, yes that is strange, but then again that’s part of what makes-up a great writer :-) Thank you so much for visiting Happily Ever After Thoughts. We like talking about romance novels here and learning about the wonderful authors who write them!

Michelle:  Thanks for having me!  I'd love to hear from readers about one of your all-time favorite romances.  My favorite is Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer.  And you?

Alexis: For a chance to win one of Michelle’s two books, Craving the Highlander's Touch or Seduced by the Highlander, be sure to leave a comment. For more information about Michelle’s many books go to And check out the excerpt below from Seduced by Her Highland Warrior.

Glen Arrin, Scotland

     Soldiers gripped spears in their palms and rushed forward, their weapons aimed at his wife and daughters. 
     Blood dripped from a wound on his forearm, but Alex MacKinloch wouldn't stop running.  A primal roar resounded from his mouth as he lifted his sword and hacked his way toward the women.  His lungs burned as he fought, the battle haze clouding his awareness of reality.  In the distance, he saw his wife Laren's gleaming red hair, as she struggled through a water-filled ditch.  Her skirts weighed her down, and she held their youngest daughter in her arms.  She didn't see the dozens of soldiers approaching as she tried to evacuate the fortress.
     I have to reach them.  Or they'll die.
     It was a reality he didn't want to face, and the thought of his Laren falling beneath a soldier's blade was a horror he couldn't grasp.  His arm ached with a vicious pain, but he fought a path toward them.   The soldiers blocked his line of vision until all he could see was a swift storm of arrows. 
      A pulse thundered in his ears until he realized the arrows were coming from their younger brother Callum, who was guarding the women and children.  Flames erupted from the wooden keep that stood high above them, like a dying sentry. 
     The fortress was going to fall.  He ran as hard as he could and heard his kinsman Ross breathe, "Mary, Mother of God." 
     As Alex rushed forward, he heard the cracking of wood.
*                      *                      *
     "Callum, dive!" shouted a man's voice from behind her.
     Laren MacKinloch struggled through the forest, her skirts sodden with water as the keep surrendered to the flames and collapsed.   She stared through the trees, in shock at the sight of her home.
     Gone now. 
     And what of Alex, her husband?  "Take Mairin and Adaira," she begged Vanora, handing over her daughters.  "I'll join you in a few moments."
     "You can't go back," the older matron warned.  "This isn't over yet."
     "I won't leave the trees," Laren promised.  I just need to see him.  I need to know if he's safe.
     She didn't wait for Vanora's reply, but moved back to the forest's edge, holding on to a slender birch tree for balance.  Her breath frosted in the evening air as the cold settled around the glen. 
     And when English soldiers surrounded the men from both sides, she felt her heart branching into silent pieces of terror.  Oh, dear God, no.
     She couldn't hear what was happening, but the look of grim finality on Alex's face meant that the worst was near.  As she stared from her hiding place, the years seemed to fall back.  No longer was he a powerful chief . . . but instead, the man she'd once loved.  The fist of heartbreak caught her, and tears dampened her cheeks.  They'd grown so far apart over the past two years, and now she didn't know if she would see him alive again. 
     If she had one last moment with him, there were too many words to speak.  Too many things she'd locked away in her heart for far too long.
     Her palm pressed against the tree bark, and though Alex couldn't see her, she kept her gaze fixed upon him, as if she could memorize his face and hold it forever.
     A fiery pain blasted through her right side.  Laren's knees buckled beneath her, and she gasped in shock at the arrow embedded within her skin.
     The searing agony stunned her, and she could barely keep her senses about her.  Though it was a shallow wound, piercing the soft skin sideways, near her ribs, she'd not realized how close she was to the battle.
     She forced herself to snap off the feathered end, sliding the arrow free of the wound.  Blood poured from her side, and she pressed her dark cloak against the flow, fighting the dizziness.
     You have to go back to your girls, her mind warned.  She couldn't stay, no matter how much she feared for Alex's life.  One of them had to live, to take care of their daughters. 
     It wrenched her apart, having to choose between her husband and her children, but she forced herself to continue.  If the English gained the victory, they would come looking for the survivors.  Her daughters needed her, and she had to protect them.
     She struggled up to the top of the ridge.  Each step sent another wave of pain raging through her side, but she ignored the wound, hiding it beneath her dark cloak.  There would be time to tend it later. 
     When she reached the girls, her eldest daughter threw her arms around her waist, weeping.  At the ages of four and not quite two, Mairin and Adaira weren't old enough to understand what was happening.  Laren caught her breath, keeping Mairin's hands away from the injury while she spoke soft, reassuring words.
     "Where is Da?" her daughter demanded.  "Is he safe?"
     "I don't know."  Laren's throat tightened with fear, her eyes burning.  "But we have to wait here for him, away from the soldiers."
     "I'm afraid," her daughter sobbed.
     Laren brushed a kiss against Mairin's forehead.  So am I.
*                                  *                      *
     The earth trembled as dozens of horsemen surrounded their army on both sides.  Robert Fitzroy, the Baron of Harkirk, watched in fury as more of the Scots poured in, reinforced by the French.  His hand tightened upon the hilt of his sword, and he wanted nothing more than to bathe his weapon in their blood. 
The MacKinlochs were supposed to die this day.  Hadn't he burned their fortress to the ground, slaughtering their kinsmen?  He'd already planned to set up an outpost here, to secure more land for King Edward Plantagenet.  But he could see his victory fading away like smoke.
     "Pull back!" he ordered, and his soldiers obeyed.   Though it splintered his pride, he hadn't survived half a dozen battles by making foolish decisions that would endanger his neck. 
     As they retreated into the hills, Harkirk cast a backwards glance.  This wasn't over.  Not by half. He vowed that the next time he looked upon the face of a MacKinloch, it would be mounted upon a pike outside his gates.
*                                  *                      *
     It took a quarter of an hour to reach the ridge, and Alex helped his brother up to the top of the hill.  Nairna looked worried, for although they had survived with only minor injuries, traces of battle madness lurked within her husband's face.  But Alex felt certain that when they brought Bram home, his brother would make a full recovery.
     When they reached the clearing, the first glimpse of Laren sent a roaring breath of relief back through Alex's lungs.  The instinct pulled at him, to go to them.  He needed to hold his wife and breathe in the scent of her skin, touching her soft red hair.
     Laren started to take a step towards him, but she abruptly stopped, her face ashen.  Her hand pressed to her side, and then she turned her attention to their girls.  Their clansmen were watching, and at their sudden attention, she shrank back. 
     He couldn't understand why.  Aye, they'd grown apart over the past two years, but was it so much to ask that she show him a grain of affection?  That she could welcome him back into her arms?  The pain in her eyes bothered him, for he didn't understand it.  Wasn't she glad to see him alive? 
     Though Mairin and Adaira called out, Laren bent and spoke quietly, as if to prevent them from running to him.  Adaira clutched Laren's leg, burying her face in her mother's skirts.
A thousand moments passed by in a single second.  Pride froze out the aching emotions, and Alex stared back at his wife wishing she would meet him halfway.  But she turned her gaze to the ground, unable to face him.  
     Something was wrong.  She'd closed herself off from him, and he didn't know why.  His hand tightened on the door frame, and he forced himself to look after his brother Bram.  "Will you be all right with him?" Alex asked Nairna, who had helped her husband to sit upon their bed.
     "Aye."  She poured water into a basin and retrieved a cloth to tend Bram's wounds.  When she wrung out the cloth, she sent Alex a pointed look.  "Go to Laren.  She needs you."
     He left them alone, watching the way Nairna cared for her husband.  The deep love in her eyes and the answering look in her husband's face brought a surge of envy.  He wanted to be with Laren right now, to shatter the invisible wall between them.
     The thought became a thorn, digging deeper into his pride.   She was the woman he'd pledged to protect.  Years ago, she would have thrown herself into his arms, not caring what anyone else thought.  She'd have clung to him, whispering words of how she'd worried.
     But now, she kept her distance from him, almost as if they were strangers.
     His frustration strung tighter as he walked among the survivors, asking about their welfare.  During that time, not once had Laren moved towards him.  Her face was white, as though she were too timid to move.
Damn it all, he didn't care if she no longer wanted him.  They'd survived their brush with death, and right now, he wanted to hold her.  He needed her in his arms, whether or not she was too shy to answer the embrace.
     He crossed through the people, moving directly towards her.  Without voicing a single word, he pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly.  She let out a slight gasp, but her hands moved up to his shoulders, resting there.  He didn't speak, didn't reveal any of the thoughts coursing through his mind.  Adaira and Mairin each grabbed his legs, but right now, he needed Laren.
     Dimly, he was aware that she wasn't quite holding him in return.  Her hands were there, but there was no warmth, no answering embrace.  His heart numbed when he pulled back to look at her, his hands resting at her waist. 
     He'd mistakenly believed that if he made the first move, she would welcome him back.  That the past two years of distance wouldn't matter anymore, because they were alive.  But she didn't look at him, as if she were too shy to speak.
     He let his hands fall away, saying nothing.  The girls were chattering, asking him questions about when they could go home, where they would sleep, and he couldn't give them an answer.
   His kinsman Ross came near, and asked, "Do you want to bring your family to our home for the night?"  Since Ross's home was on the opposite side of the fortress, it had escaped the fires.
     Alex never took his eyes from Laren but agreed.  "Aye, if it's no trouble to you." 
     "Not at all.  Vanora will want to fuss over the wee ones, as she likes to do."  His gaze grew somber, staring at the smoke that rose from the valley below.  "And you'll be needing a place to stay until you can rebuild the keep."
     "I'll take the girls there now," Laren said quietly.  "If you think it's safe to return."  Her voice was shaky, but at his nod, she guided their daughters away from the crowds.  As they disappeared into the forest, Ross was saying something else to him, but Alex didn't hear a word of it. 
     His wife was behaving strangely, and he didn't know why.  Then his gaze fell down to his hands.  Blood stained his palms from where he'd held his wife. 
     Jesu.   It was Laren's blood.

Alexis: Don’t forget, for a chance to win one of Michelle’s two books, leave a comment :-).


  1. Can't wait to dive into this one and thank you for sharing your trip to Scotland. I've never been but am fascinated by that time period. Am very excited for this one!

  2. Kissablesweet1--Scotland was amazing. I can't wait to go back one day! ;)

  3. Hi Michelle! Saw this pop up on twitter and wanted to come over and read your interview. I love all things (and men) scottish and irish :-)

    I do have to say that my favorite romance novel of all times is The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. It was my first historical romance.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I just finished Alex and Laren's book -- it was fantastic. I loved the detail on doing the stained glass. I am really looking forward to Callum's story.

    When I was reading your Irish stories I was able to picture the ring forts you described since I saw one of those when I visited Ireland with my family. So cool!

  5. Melinda--do you know, I've never read The Flame and the Flower? I really should. :)

    Susan F.--glad you enjoyed the book! Would you like to be in the running for the sequel novella about Finian and Alys? I agree about the ring forts--aren't they amazing? And the round towers, too. I loved all the scenery.

  6. Hi, Michelle! Thanks for your interview. It must have been exciting to visit Ireland, Scotland, and England. I would love to visit them. I saw some glass being blowed once, and it was very interesting to see how they did it.

    As far as a favorite romance, I would have to say Gone With The Wind. I think it was the first descriptive romance I had ever read at the time, although it might have been one of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss's books instead. Too long ago and can't really remember. It is hard to choose just one since I love each romance I read and it is my favorite at the time.

  7. PS: I don't have a Kindle or Nook.

  8. Michelle, I love Morning Glory too but you got me to love Highlanders!

    I do like the idea of a failing marriage being saved. There is something about rekindling the love and also the value of that relationship that appeals to me.

    Peace and happy post-Irene, Julie

  9. Michelle, I've loved every book in your Irish warrior series. Though I haven't started on your Scottish warrior series, I look forward to it, also. I love the way you build the emotion in your books, and I'd love to win these.

  10. That was certainly an exciting excerpt! Got my heart beating! Looking forward to seeing what happens.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  11. Cathy P--glassblowing is so amazing to watch. I loved seeing the artists in person. Also, I'll keep you entered to win the print copy of Seduced since you don't have an e-reader.

    Julie--there are so few WWII romances, and that one just stole my heart. :)

    JV--thanks so much! Good luck, and I hope you win one!

    Di--thank you! :)

  12. Sounds like a very interesting book. The excerpt certainly got my heart pumping. Adding to the TBR list.
    As for a favorite romance - so many Georgette Heyers to choose from - I would have to say any of her Regencies.
    Cheers, Rayka

  13. Hi Michelle,
    Lucky you to visit Scotland. Must have been a dream to see the land. And I got a kick out of your soundtracks...sometimes odd ones spur the best emotions in a writer. Congrats on the new book and thanks for sharing such a powerful snippet with us.


  14. Nice to get to know you today, Michelle. I have your "Claimed by a Highland Warrior" in my new Kindle and can't wait to read it. :)

    I am very predictable, I need Phantom of the Opera to help my muse work through their adventures. Only one story where the hero played the violin did I put Andre Rieu on for the violin music to help the muse.

    My all-time favorite romance is Kathleen Woodiwiss's Shanna. When I was young and foolish to not be reading (early 20's) someone asked me what book I was reading. UMMMMM I said I wasn't reading and she almost made me feel criminal. Luck watched over me that day and I picked up Shanna. That is why I am writing today and a voracious reader.

    Best of luck with lots of sales and, please keep those hunky Highlanders coming. Never have enough men in kilts.

  15. the book sounds amazing.. and i would love the chance to watch glassblowers!! lucky lucky to learn about that

  16. Rayka--Georgette Heyer is classic Regency, isn't she?

    Lyndee--I have no idea why the Tudors, of all soundtracks, worked for me, but it did! :) You just never know what will kickstart the creativity...Phantom of the Opera is a great soundtrack to listen to.

    Alainala--It really was fun to watch. ;)

  17. Michelle,

    Thank you for letting us get to know you better through this interview. I really enjoyed "Seduced By Her Highland Warrior" and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

    It's hard to choose a favorite romance of all time...there are so many wonderful stories out there. Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Shanna" is definitely one of my favorites. I also really enjoy Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series.

    Best of luck in your writing.

  18. Hi Michelle, Hi Alexis *waves like a fool*, I just saw your post on the Celtic Hearts loop and thought I would stop by. Michelle I love the way you tell a story and in particular, reading about the hero and heroine being married first as oppose to stumbling into each other is a lovely idea.

    It's so hard to pick what is my favorite romance of all time. They are all so unique, present company included. Rather I would pick who started me down the path to writing Romance novels.

    That would be two people. Karen Marie Moning and Diana Gabaldon. The adventure, the time travel, the brooding heroes and feisty lasses always draw me back to their books time and again.

    Can't wait for your next release.

  19. The perfect author for me right now! I just finished a rough draft-yeah:)-and I was thinking that I'd like to read something "medieval!" I checked out your web and now have to figure where to start.
    BTW, wasn't The Morning Glory the one LaVyrle set in Door County WI? A favorite place of mine to go since I'm a Wisconsinite.
    It's hard for me to pick a favorite, especially since I've been opening myself to so many genres in romance, so my two favorites are still Envy-Sandra Brown and The Carpenter's Lady-Barbara Delinsky. On a different day I may choose others, who knows! I'm sure after I get into yours, they'll also be on my fav list!!
    Thanks for chatting with us!

  20. Just realized my comment from yesterday didn't post. Argh. Sorry about that, Dana. I haven't read Shanna, but I've heard many good things about it. I loved the Outlander series. :)

    Lizzie--I absolutely love Karen Marie Moning. Wonderful books!

    Dawn--Morning Glory was set in Georgia, but another book of hers--Bittersweet, was set in Door County. That's another favorite of mine. :) With my books, if you like Irish medievals, I'd recommend starting with Her Warrior Slave. For Scottish books, Claimed by the Highland Warrior is the first in that series. Either way, enjoy!

  21. Hi, Michelle! It was great reading about the fun research you've done and I look forward to reading your books.


  22. Great excerpt, Michelle! Your books sound wonderful. I love LaVerle Spencer. I've met her a few times, and she's a sweetheart.

  23. Wendy--The research was such fun. I love to watch glass-blowing.

    Laura--WOW. I would absolutely LOVE to meet LaVyrle Spencer (would probably bow down before her because I own every book she's ever written). Lucky you!

  24. Michelle, I've loved your stories for a long time--so excited to learn about your newest ones! I was hoping for more reading time as the kids restarted school, but now we are planning for a move, so there's even LESS time! *sigh*

    I LOVE stories that feature already married couples--I do think it's reality that sometimes they hit rough patches, and I love stories that give us a peek at how some couples weather those and find their way to a renewed and stronger bond. It's hopeful to me to see others renew those HEAs!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself and your writing!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net