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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Suddenly One Summer by Barbara Freethy

Suddenly One Summer is a delightful summer read.  Complete with a Pacific coastal small town and a legend of Angels bringing magic to those in need.

Jenna Davies is definitely in need of a helping hand.  Jenna flees the opposite coast with her niece, Lexie, in an attempt to hide from Lexie’s father.  Jenna fears the father is a murderer.  A murderer of his wife.

Jenna and Lexie change names, change homes, and change their life by following a request to reside in Angel’s Bay.  They attempt to blend in and hide among the other secrets of their new home.

A big problem is that the angels’ secrets are at high tide, bringing in the tourists and journalists.  Reid Tanner chose to report on the angel activity, a minor job according to him and his past.  He is also avoiding a former life.

Jenna and Reid repeatedly come in contact in this small village.  Interest sparks and neither is budging from their hiding place.  What will it take for them to open up, tell the truth, and admit to their insecurities? 

They can help each other through life’s turbulence.  Secrets must be shared.  And angels must be found.

The characters are loveable and a must for them to find happiness.  I’m definitely going to read more of Freethy’s novels.     


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