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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can I Bear to Part with this Book?

I’ve written before about my growing To Be Read pile overtaking my house, and although I am making a positive dent in those piles, I’ve run into another problem. What to do with the books that I've read and loved? Do I pass them along to someone who I think might like to read that particular story? Do I bag them up and donate them to Goodwill or another worthy organization? And what about previously loved book consignment shops where you build credit toward new purchases?
More importantly, how do I choose which to give away?
Oh, the heartbreak of making these decisions, but I have no choice. My shelves are full and I have no more room (and we’re not even going to mention the looks I get from my husband). I will admit, my bookshelves contain books that I bought many, many years ago. 

Some are autographed by the author. Those are definitely keepers because who can bear to part with Shanna or Flame and the Flower or Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss? Or my favorite Bertrice Small, The Kadin, even though it’s been taped and glued and dog-eared within an inch of its life? The works of Victoria Alexander and Jodi Thomas gracing my shelves? I don’t think I could bear to part with them either. And my new favorite authors like Kathryne Kennedy and Jennifer Ashley?
How do you choose? And what do you do?

Happy Reading!


  1. Marie, I don't know what to tell you. I run into the same thoughts. My temporary solution is to build more bookshelves!
    My mom got rid of three boxes worth with my help recently. I almost wanted to take them for myself, yet I kept repeating "I'll never get to them in the next ten years." If I do, now I'll just have to rebuy them.
    Besides what would an author's home be like without an excess of books?!

  2. After moving this last time, I decided to shed some books (IT WAS PAINFUL) by donating them to the library. The librarian told me they'd shelf them if they were in good condition or sell them as part of their fundraiser. I felt good about that, so I started several boxes, carefully selecting and organizing my 'babies' until the boxes were full and ready for transport. Unfortunately, some weeks later, when I turned to my shelf to retrieve a cherished research book, I discovered it missing! Did I send it with the others? It had been sitting on the edge of my desk for a while before...Did my little two year old grandson 'help' Grammy by putting it into the box? He was certainly fascinated by the stack I'd collected. Long story short, today I got onto ABEBOOKS and bought a new copy for myself...a $20 mistake that I won't make when I donate again!

    Lyndee :)

  3. Dawn,
    I would build more bookshelves, but my husband would give me that look (you know the one I'm talking about) and ask me where he'd like me to put them in that sarcastic tone he has.

    I, too, have had to replace a treasured book but not because it was mistakenly given away. My dog ate several. She had a taste for Stephen King, but only the hardcovers! I do like your idea about giving them to the library. I may do that the next time.


  4. It was still very painful to give them up...Library or not, lol...A taste for Stephen King...hummmmm...I hope her boyfriend isn't Cujo, haha...
    OK, taking my warped sense of humor back to my WIP....Have a nice weekend Ladies...