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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Enchanted Destiny by Rayka Mennen

Enchanted Destiny is a delightful read, which will surely draw you closer to the spectacular feel of the fall season and the upcoming holiday of Halloween.    And what would this season be without the scents, colors, and magical autumn chills brought to life as you curl up in your favorite reading spot?

Ms. Mennen plants her readers in Chicago and supplies the spicy scents, brilliant colors, and Lake Michigan chills, but Kat Richetti is focused on the magical part of the season.  As a twenty-first century witch, she has little control over the deadline, a mere five weeks, to find her true love rather than lose her inherited magical abilities. 

Jake Taggert, gorgeous, muscular, and intelligent, couldn’t ask for better Karma when Kat miraculously saves him from a life threatening accident on his construction site.   A beautiful woman who saves him needs a personal thank you, maybe more.

The perfect opportunity to start a romance.  Yet Kat insists that her chosen mate is well informed of her status as a witch.  How does Jake handle this dump of nearly unbelievable information?  Will he trust his toddler son in the arms of a saucy sorceress?  Does Kat trust the fortuitous meeting of this bachelor over her will to keep her magic? 

Don’t cast aside the opportunity to discover how to mix destiny and enchantment as Ms. Mennen artfully scribes the inner thoughts of a spellbound witch and a hunk of a bachelor.


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