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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romance Series

Well, there’s no getting around it and so I must admit…I am hooked. On romantic series. It’s not enough for me now to read just one…whatever that one might be…first in the series…last in the series. No. I now must read all of them. And not necessarily in order but that does help. 
 I began reading the Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare. Granted, I started with the second book (given to me by a friend to whom I’ve expressed my deepest appreciation). Entitled A Week to be Wicked, I fell in love, not only with the characters but the place called Spinster Cove….excuse me, Spindle Cove. What a lovely introduction to not only a wonderful writer, but to a beautiful and unusual place. Well, needless to say, immediately after reading A Week to be Wicked, I had to run right out and get the first book in the series A Night to Surrender and the rest in the series (my credit card company is very happy with me at the moment). Again, I say I am hooked. So far, I have demolished Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series and eagerly await the next book. I am in the process of reading all of Jennifer Ashley’s Shifter series and so many others, I’m having a hard time finding room for these fabulous books (we’ve discussed my TBR pile and the fact it has overrun my little house before).
 So what about you? Have you found a series you’re keen on? An author you just can’t get enough of? As in the Spindle Cove series, a place that simply speaks to your heart?

As always, happy reading!


  1. Hi Marie!
    Actually you've just convinced me to try out Tessa's series!
    One thing I like about series, other than repeatedly visiting places and characters I've loved, is the fact that most don't have to be read in order. I have a habit of grabbing whatever is near and not keeping track, so I try to remember the great series I run into and eventually get back to them out of order even if the whole stack is sitting in my office!

  2. Oh, Dawn, you're gonna love Tessa Dare! The books I've read by her have been wonderful (yes, I giggled out loud!)


  3. Marie, I LOVE series. Actually, I rarely read single romances anymore because of all the series' I read. I just love that "familiarity" feel of reading about characters I already know. I also love the dynamics of a group where there may be competition/camaraderie among the men/women. I am also reading the Shifter series as well as The MacKenzies and Caris Roane's Ascension and Margaret Mallory's Return of the Highlanders and . . .