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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: SEASON OF THE WITCH by Natasha Mostert

Think of the London fog, and then imagine being in it with characters created through Natasha Mostert’s mind.  Her characters deal with information thievery, alchemy, magic, and the mysterious art of remote viewing-the art of being in another’s mind.

Gabriel Blackstone has the art.  A former lover, Frankie, has requested for him to find her lost step-son.  Frankie’s husband is suffering a terminal disease, which leaves her vulnerable. 

After Gabriel agrees to help with the search, he takes a ride through the missing boy’s mind.  Gabriel believes the boy is dead and the suspects are two sisters, Minnaloushe and Morrighan.  Very seductive sisters. 

One of the three women must be avoided.

The first step in the investigation provided easy answers, yet they stop there.  Gabriel discovers that the sisters are solar witches and practice alchemy.  The danger begins as the sisters target Gabriel as their next “special” friend and try to pull him into their lurid world. 

Frankie warns him to take care, yet urges him to continue the search.

A wickedly intriguing plot plays the reader as you won’t know which woman Gabriel allows to invade his privacy, or which woman is the murderer until well into the twisted tale.  Complete with tarantulas, potions, cats, and sensuality, Season of the Witch is a compelling read for a full moon on Hollow’s Eve.


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