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Friday, April 18, 2014

Energized from Arizona

A week ago I was in Arizona. Actually, I spent 10 days there and they were jam packed. What energized me the most was all the conversations about writing!

It started off with the Desert Dreams Conference in Tempe. This is a wonderful conference because the Desert Rose RWA chapter (I’m a member) is so warm. They provide a hospitality suite where anyone, author, aspiring author, agent, editor, publisher, husband (yes, we had all of these characters there) can hang out, have a snack and a drink, and chat in a relaxed area. Isn’t that unique?  I always have so much fun in that room ;-) My covers were part of the presentation on the big screen in the ballroom which was so cool. Of course, there were also wonderful workshops at the conference and even fun baskets to be won. Happily Ever After Thoughts authors donated one too.
Then there were the lengthy conversations with some of the romance writers that I look up to. Both Jennifer Ashley and Caris Roane were so forthcoming with insights and advice. I can’t thank them enough for spending their valuable time one-on-one with me. These ladies rock!

Next was my presentation to the Valley of the Sun RWA Chapter (I’m a member). It was great to be back in the warm fold of their smiles. This group has been my mainstay while isolated on my island and a number have visited me. They enjoyed my talk on “Refining Your Writing Process” and it felt so good to give back a little after all the support they have given me. Then later in the week a contingent of VOS friends (Cathy McDavid, Arabella Thorne, Tia Dani, H.D. Thomson) met me and my husband for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We had a wonderful time talking about life, love, and writing.  
Lastly, squeezed in at the 11th hour, was a business meeting with my wonderful critique partner Marie Patrick and my designer/formatter Carol of Bella Media Management. Hard work was started and plans made for future projects. After all these discussions, I am more revved up to work on my two current projects that ever!  So I guess I better get going. I’m so thrilled to have visited Arizona. I may just have to go back next year ;-)

Always, Lexi

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  1. Glad to know that you had such an amazing time there in Arizona. You explained about your visit to Arizona so well that I had to read till the end. I have started feeling my own presence there!