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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twisted by Laura Griffin


Constant suspense and a romance simmering over a hot flame send Detective Allison Doyle into a non-stop frenzy for the search of the latest murderer with or without the help of FBI agent Mark Wolfe.

As a rookie detective, Allison is all of a sudden involved in a possible serial killer’s path as his victims are in her jurisdiction.  She needs to focus on this type of case, but Mark is sent to assist and becomes a heady distraction.  For both of them. 

Their working relationship is on and off.  Sometimes they share their knowledge and sometimes they hold back.  Not to mention their attraction rises and is exposed with the most inconvenient timing.

Mixing business with pleasure can only be handled with gloves, and Allison and Mark have to know when their hands are exposed.    


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