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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Latest News Is All Good!

I’m so excited! Lots of wonderful news about my books!
First, I was recently notified that my book Masque is a finalist in the Carolyn Readers Choice Award! To me that is an amazing honor. That readers found my book to be among the best is humbling. I am grateful that it was so well enjoyed.

Second, I received a wonderful review from Ali Crean over at All the Things In Between for Passion of Sleepy Hollow. She writes “Lexi Post doesn’t only give you a new taste of Sleepy Hollow and it’s legend with this novel, she pretty much remaps your taste buds!” And then to top it off, Ali recommends other books for readers interested in my type of book and one of those recommendations is the amazing JenniferAshley

Third, and this is such a fun event for readers, is my participation in the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt April 1 – May 15 (Yes, it has already started). I am one of the “required finds” and I’m offering a basket with his and hers Venetian masks made in Italy, a signed copy of Masque, a gift card for books, sweets and swag. Just click here to participate.

Lastly, I’m signing books at the DesertDreams Conference in Tempe Arizona on  April 5th and then at the RomanticTimes Convention in New Orleans on May 17th.  So if you are in the area, I hope you will stop by and say “hi.” I will be giving away a Venetian mask at those events too!

All this good news is making me hungry. Hmm, I think the best way to celebrate is with some homemade cherry vanilla ice cream. What do you think?

Always, Lexi

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  1. Fantastic, Lexi! Congrats on those awesome achievements, and have a lot of fun at your conferences!