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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cruise into Eden (Eden Series #1) by Lexi Post


Lexi Post has brought us another of her fabulously erotic stories pulled from the classics of literature.  An unusually passionate poem by Emily Dickinson, Wild Nights! Wild Nights!, prompts the storyline. 

Reluctantly convinced to vacation on a naked cruise, Erin Danielson teases herself that just maybe she’ll get lucky.  She has her doubts as she hasn’t had a boyfriend in eleven years.

Two literally out-of-this-world men, more precisely from the planet Eden, Nase and Ware want her more than anything.  CruiseIntoEden

The three quickly share love and erotic passion which tempts Erin to remain with them, but there are a lot of “catches” to the deal.

An erotic delight, the first of the Eden Series will be released on September 5.  See if your heart racing compares to Erin’s while she enjoys the sensual abundance and life changing decisions she faces to keep the love of Nase and Ware.   

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