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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins

To be a single, pretty woman, teaching history at a New England prep school sounds like an ideal way to attract a perfect mate.  The first perfect mate and fiancĂ© of Grace decided to marry Grace’s sister.

Grace’s family worries about her incessantly, so badly that Grace reverted to her young adult cure of making up boyfriends.  Really, really perfect boyfriends.

During one of Grace’s pretend relationships Callahan O’Shea moves in next door.  He’s hot!  Too bad he has a background her sister/attorney and the rest of her uptight family preferred to meet the nontangible boyfriend. 

Callahan has a slightly unsavory misstep in his past, but he’s so hot!  And he’s honest, which is something Grace needs to work on.

With so much against Grace and Callahan being more than acquaintances, how do they get up the steps together?

Higgins crafts a truly romantic and humorous tale of the power of love between amazing characters.

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