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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alone by Lisa Gardner

Boston’s street thugs don’t stand a chance with Bobby Dodge against them.  Bobby is a State Trooper and a sharp shooter in his spare hours. 

The problem with Bobby is his job prevails over everything else.  Called to stake out a repeated domestic disturbance, Bobby finds his rifle killing the caller’s husband within fifteen minutes of arrival.  Those fifteen minutes changes his life and he needs to confront how it feels to kill.

Catherine Gagnon made the call and mouthed a “thank you” to Bobby for the kill, or maybe for saving her.  What’s the difference?

Beautiful and rich Catherine repeatedly needs Bobby’s help and advice, yet a powerful source wants her dead. 

And the Boston PD accuses her of setting up her husband’s death.

I couldn’t put the book down as Bobby fought the demons of ending a life and being attracted to a woman who might have planned to have her husband killed.  Catherine deals with the loss of her husband, while seducing Bobby, and can’t believe she’s not treated by law enforcement as a victim.

This is one of those novels you don’t want to end!

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