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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do Or Die (Reluctant Heroes) by Suzanne Brockmann

Suzanne Brockmann has started another trilogy chock full of the hard-core Navy Seals and their cohorts. 

Former Navy Seal Ian Dunn may do things the illegal way-but for a good cause.   He feels it outweighs the rules.  Shortly after heisting a bevy of jewels, he’s unexpectedly released from prison.  Naturally, there’s a catch.

Phoebe Kruger now has her dream job with a large law firm.  How or why she gets assigned to Ian’s case after a few short months of work, she doesn’t know.

Ian and Phoebe together are similar to oil and water to start with.

Ian immediately finds out he’s expected to save kidnapped children and he’s the only one available who can outmaneuver a band of mobsters and a wealthy murderer.  Ian doesn’t want to do it.

Phoebe tries to keep him on the law’s side.

Close encounters and saving one another’s butts on a regular basis put Ian and Phoebe close together.  Eventually they crave the closeness, but can they outsmart the bad guys to stay alive to enjoy each other?
Thriller paced peppered with seductive and lustful romance will keep us all following Brockmann’s new trilogy.

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