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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's New on Television

         In my last post, I wrote about everything I love about autumn….the coolness of the mornings with just a hint of briskness in the air, the falling leaves (though I really don’t get to see them, living in Phoenix, where it’s still in the mid-80’s as I write this) and all the other things this time of year brings, but there’s another reason I like Fall…the new shows are on television.

          Now, since I’m a busy woman (and I know you are too) and my time is limited, I will admit to watching at least one episode of a new show just to see if I like it (and I’m very discerning….not everything makes the cut…I just don’t have that kind of time). The crop this year seems to be pretty good, but only two have really kept my interest. The first is Forever (which reminds me a great deal of the Highlander series….I adored Adrian Paul! Oh, those dreamy eyes! Those muscles! And the sword fighting! Sorry….I got a little carried away there). The main character in Forever has lived for over two centuries – you see, he can’t die and stay dead so he puts his many years of living to good use. He is a Medical Examiner in New York and he solves crimes with a detective partner. I really like this show. The characters are engaging and the storylines are good. 

          The other show that has caught my interest is The Pinkertons. It’s set just after the Civil War so the costumes interest me quite a bit (that’s the period I write in) and most everyone knows about the Pinkerton Detective Agency, but do they know about Kate Warne? I researched her extensively while I was writing A Scandalous Woman (my character, Joey Darling, wasn’t a detective, but she wanted to be and actually helped solve a few mysteries―without her father’s knowledge―all while falling in love with the handsome Braeden MacAllister!) but I digress. Kate was one of Pinkerton’s best operatives, a master of disguise, who helped prevent an assassination attempt on President-elect Lincoln prior to his taking office in 1861. She continued working as a detective with Pinkerton until her death in 1868. This series brings her to life for me and that’s one of the reasons I watch.

          Has anything of the fall schedule struck your interest?

As always, happy reading (and watching)!


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