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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I am a creature of habit and routine. If you’ve read my posts before, this is nothing new. You also know that every once in a while, I break out of my routine and do something…different. Saturday was just such an occasion. Instead of doing chores, which is my normal thing on a Saturday, I went to a workshop sponsored by my work. It was all about Self-Care and Empowerment, about taking care of yourself, about being kind to yourself as well as others. By doing so, you can achieve inner peace and happiness, no matter what your day is like, no matter your situation or how busy you are.
         Most of what the speakers talked about, I already knew (but very rarely put into practice). There was a former nun, several doctors, a yoga instructor and a Chaplain—a very diverse mix of speakers and topics. I was told that if I didn’t like a situation (like the fact I so need to lose 30 pounds), that I could change it (and I can). I learned how to breathe (which was kinda funny. I thought I already knew how to do this….I’ve been breathing for almost 55 years now but I now know how to breathe to help me deal with stressful situations). I thought that was pretty interesting. I did a few yoga moves which stretched muscles I didn’t know I had. And I was told to find the passion in my life.
         My conclusion after listening to these people speak? I am blessed (I’ve said this before and I know it, but somehow, Saturday really brought it home for me). I appreciate the good in my life (and there is a lot of good), while understanding and acknowledging the bad. And I have passion….for my husband, son and future daughter-in-law, for my friends, for the four-legged furry ‘kids’ I adore…and for my writing. I realized as everyone was speaking that what saves me from the stress at work, from the person who cut me off while driving, from all the not-so-good stuff is the writing. And for that, I am thankful and oh so blessed.
         What’s your passion?

As always, happy reading (and writing)!

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