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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Cuban Connection by M.L. Malcolm

An excellent novel based on historical facts during Castro’s beginning reign over Cuba. 

The story is seen through the eyes of Katherine O’Connor, a budding reporter, who wants to tell the Cuban people’s story.  What really went on after Fidel Castro was elected, broke his promises, and teamed up with communist Russia?The Cuban Connection

In 1960 it wasn’t common to have women in high ranks amongst reporters, Yet Katherine had the determination and ploys to make it happen.  She made several trips to Cuba, under aliases and not always associated with the press.

The Cuban people and other visitors brought reality and life to her story.

Raul was a visitor on business from Russia.  He touched Katherine’s heart in relation to his purpose and emotional vibes.

Emilio, a young boy living in Cuba, kept an eye on his village.  He met Katherine and Raul separately as he sold his remarkable knowledge of magical elements in the area.

Finding out Emilio’s story after many meetings with him, Katherine learned the horrors of fighting against Castro and what happened to families.  Families were torn apart to fight for their rights, some never to be together again.

Katherine gained another goal, to bring Emilio to safety in the US. 

This is a definite read to bring tears to your eyes for the violation of people’s simple right to live freely (we may consider it simple, but not all do) and the emotional tugs at the heart for the relationships changed throughout including family, friendship, and love.


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  1. You're welcome, M.L.! You're a talented author and I've enjoyed all of your books:)