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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Unexpected Eden by Lexi Post

What is better than an erotic romance taking place in a jungle on the planet Eden?  Or should I say romances as Serena and best friend Toni find themselves whisked away to the planet Eden by three gorgeous, stark naked men.  Serena was taken earlier than planned, but an incident in her life made it necessary.

Sandale, Jahl, and Khaos have planned for years to take their beloved, Serena, to their planet and woo her into bonding with them.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00038]

Not all goes as planned.  Sandale is thought missing and dead after the girls’ arrival, which leaves Jahl and Khaos to figure out how to convince Serena to stay on Eden forever and also what to do with her friend who arrived by association.

Jahl and Khaos have problems of their own that they don’t realize and until they correct themselves, there’s no way Serena can love them fully.  Granted, sexual satisfaction is better than she could have imagined or dreamed.

Serena also has ties on Earth and it’s hard for her to consider cutting out her former life.

I wish I could’ve been with Serena as she lived in the trees, swung vines with naked men, and had all the loving she could ask for.  I’d have to bring my husband along, but on Eden that would be expected!

Just imagine a hot and steamy jungle with naked men who only want to please you…a definite read to bring you into the summer months.

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