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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Her lucky Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

Time for some cowboy romance as I know a lot of our viewers can’t resist the rugged toughness of a blue jean clad, hat wearing, and hotty cowboy on a horse! 

Dane Bowden not only knows how to ride a horse, but he’s a champion bull rider.  His last contest in Las Vegas before retiring from this rigorous sport lands him in the hospital with critical injuries.

Bell, an unknown neighbor to Dane, saw the accident in the ring and jumped from the stands to save his life.  Bell is a renowned surgeon and knows the right moves to heal his body, but she’s an amateur at relationships.Product Details

Dane has a line of women at the hospital, most names he doesn’t remember or care to, to wish him well and hope he wants to share his first prize money. 

Bell’s upbringing proves a conflict for her in accepting Dane’s interest in her.  Bell was hidden away as an unwanted child.  Her intelligence got her into medicine, but, yes, some women remain virgins well into adulthood.

It’s a tricky ride for Jennifer Ryan to match the over-sexed cowboy and the virginal and shy young woman, but their pasts are a big part of how they find love.  A teacher always needs a student! 

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