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Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving is over....but I'm still thankful!

Thanksgiving is over (*sigh*). It’s my favorite holiday because I'm so thankful for so many things! My son has gone back to Texas (the dogs are exhausted! So am I!) and the house is back in order but it’s good to know that all my cleaning and baking and cooking resulted in a successful dinner. Now, I count a dinner successful when people push away from the table and reach for the top button of their pants with a groan (unlike those who thought ahead and wore elastic waist pants). I have a rule….if you walk away from the table still hungry then you didn’t take advantage of what was made available. Of course, my table could never compete with the lavish meals you read about in historical romances nor would baking and cooking have been so easily done!
          It was wonderful to sit around the fire pit and visit with everyone, too! I’m really glad I took some time off from the day job (even though I did not manage to read very much or write very much either. I really wanted to, but ran out of time).
          Now the best part of Thanksgiving dinner for me? The leftovers! I do love my leftovers. I’m pretty pedestrian when it comes to what I like. My favorite? A turkey sandwich (white meat, please) on a King’s Hawaiian roll with a little mayonnaise (Best Foods on this side of the country, Hellman’s on the other….what other kind is there?) and a pinch of salt. My son calls them turkey sliders. My DH’s favorite? The spinach dip, which I put in a bread bowl. He’ll pick on that until it’s gone (bowl and all). Of course, there is the turkey in gravy over rice or egg noodles and turkey soup, too. I do not make turkey tetrazzini (never learned how, but really, by the time I’d get to that, I’d be turkey’d out). There’s also leftover apple and pumpkin pie as well as my homemade cheesecake (my grandmother’s recipe). All guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as pack on a pound or two.  
          And on that note, I gotta go…..I have my Christmas menu to plan….and there’s a piece of homemade cheesecake calling my name but before I do, what’s your favorite holiday and holiday food?

As always, happy reading (and celebrating!)

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