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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pleasures of Christmas past by Lexi Post

We all can think of pleasurable moments in past Christmas’s, but it’s even more welcoming when these memories come alive and can continue to help many.

Jessica Thomas, a former social worker in her living days, has the opportunity to help a widowed woman by taking the woman to her past Christmas’s.  Jessica plays the spirit guide and is mentored by a Scottish spirit guide, Duncan Montgomerie, who assumes he will have to save her from mistakes in her first spiritual attempt.LexiPost_PleasuresofChristmasPast_BandNoble_400x600'

Lexi Post has an ulterior motive as she pens an erotic message through a beloved classic.  Not only do Jessica and Duncan have a mission to help the lonely widow carry on with the rest of her life, but unknowing to the spirit guides, the guides need some help of their own.

Jessica’s problem:  She cares too much.  Can that be possible?  For a spirit guide it can be.  Duncan needs to keep her within bounds.

Duncan’s problem:  He loves women.  I should actually state that he loves the sexual relations in many spirit guide bonus positions.  Duncan needs to feel emotional love, not just the physical. 

Pleasures of Christmas Past is an exciting and seductive matching of spirits and problems with and ultimate goal of helping all to have a happy ending!


  1. Dawn, what a surprise! Thank you for the lovely review :-) Merry Christmas!

  2. For a lovely story!! I just saw the comment:)