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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Oxenburg Princes

I'm currently reading The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins. It is the second book in The Oxenburg Princes series and is a fun read. I absolutely love the way Hawkins combines Russian princes, an overpowering gypsy grandmother, and strong Scottish lasses. Check out the series and see if it's your cup of tea . . . or vodka.

The Prince and I

Max Romanovin, Oxenburg’s warrior prince, is escorting his grandmother to a house party deep in the Highlands when he and his entourage are robbed at sword point by a group of ruffians led by a man the locals have dubbed “The Scottish Robin Hood.” The battle-savvy prince instantly realizes there’s something different about this thief, and it’s not just the Scottish accent—it’s the fact that “he” is really a “she.”

Lady Murian, a young widow out for revenge against the powerful earl who killed her husband and stole his birthright, is now living in the woods with her family’s banished retainers. To stay alive, she and her band of men rob rich nobles coming to visit the evil earl. But when she ambushes the Prince of Oxenburg’s golden coach, she gets far more than she expected. For when the prince uncovers her true identity, she’s afraid that he might be the real thief…of her heart.

I'll be here next month with great info on a brand new series!
Nicolette Pierce

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