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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry

I felt like reading a story including Native Americans. Thomas Perry was suggested to me, so I picked Vanishing Act, A Jane Whitefield Novel and loved it!  The story was unique and a great read.

Jane Whitefield is a Native American guide except her guiding is underground, dangerous, and is aimedProduct Details at helping a good person vanish from the evil closing in and wanting to kill them.

She just finished a case, worn out, lack of sleep for days, and food had been scarce, when she arrived home.  Her residence has the highest technology in a security system and only another expert would be able to break-in, so she was surprised to realize her house had been ransacked.

John Felker waited inside.  An irresistibly handsome former cop and CPA was not what she expected.

John needs her help to disappear. He’s convincing and she never turns away a person in need of her help.

John and Jane take a rough ride through arduous landscape to get the necessary papers for name change, hidden residency far away, and masterful ways to disappear.

But they’re followed and Jane is a target.

The really unfortunate thing is Jane and John had a triste along the way and she can’t forget him after she hides him away. It could add to the danger.  An unexpected danger she’d missed along the way.

Jane Whitefield is a strong and innovative heroine surely to give you an exciting read when she pulls all her abilities together to survive the attack…romantic and evil.

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