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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

I know Valentine's Day just ended and in no way do I want you to feel the way Helena (character) feels about love.  The title says it all until better things come around.

I am completely into reading new authors and new books this year.  I hit a gold mine with this romantic comedy by Tarryn Fisher. 

Helena is the sweetest, not prettiest according to her best friend (her BFF, Della, is wrong), caring, understanding, and messed up young lady.  F*ck Love

Helena dates Neil, who has his own issues, big ones.  Della is in love with Kit Isley, and they have issues, nearly bigger ones.

What could go wrong with two couples that hang out together and are BFF’s?  Shall I number the problems??

When things start to unravel between Helena and Neil, the first thing Helena thinks is What. The.  F*ck.  Yes, she has a potty mouth that works for her.  I won’t tell you what’s wrong with Neil, I’ll let Helena in her words because she does it so much better.

The other problem lies with Kit and Della, or is it Helena and Della, or maybe Helena and Kit?  It’s all in there. 

Helena, I love her, does get a match up with the right man at the right time prompted by whiskey, babies, dreams, a cult leader (brief meeting), ex-girlfriends ( of Kit’s), Florida and Washington, beige clothes, allusions from art . 

Wish I could give you more plot, but that would give this delightful story away.  You have to read F*ck Love and I promise you will laugh and cry along with Helena.  And that’s not a joke!

Fun and happy reading,


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