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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All the Beautiful Brides (Graveyard Falls Book 1) by Rita Herron

Copycat serial killer?  The former serial killer is in jail and ready for probation.

Special Agent Cal Coulter is called to Graveyard Falls to investigate a woman’s murder at the foot of the water fall, thirty years after a serial killer had taken the lives of three young women.

Mona Monroe returns to Graveyard Falls to discover who her biological mother is.  Mona was adopted and has one small clue to go on. 

Mona and Cal can’t help but run into each other.  She had married Cal’s step-brother and best friend who died in a car accident.

Cal has always loved Mona, but never wanted to reveal what he knows about Mona’s husband which isn’t anything good.

So who breaks the ice and makes the first move?  Will the other be receptive?  Mona and Cal hedge around their opportunities to reveal their true feelings, but repeated murders interrupt the signals.

The dark suspense and hidden love create a quick-to-read and satisfying romance.  Of course, I’m always curious about the following books in a series and who the romantic couple will be!

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