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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Angi Morgan with a Little Inspiration and a Giveaway!

by Angi Morgan


Cowboy inspiration pictures keep me going from book to book. I rarely write a hero who rides a horse, but they certainly are great inspiration. 


Yep, give me a set of nicely tanned abs and I’m in heaven. So I find an inspiring set of abs to use as my laptop backdrop. I tile the picture and stare at it throughout the writing of the book. And let’s not forget the screensavers…


My Garrison Travis inspiration is Dror Okavi. He’s a personal trainer (at least I think he is from his website). I didn’t need to know that while writing. I just stared at his picture and imagined him riding a motorcycle for BULLETPROOF BADGE


The Jesse Ryder inspiration is from Rob Lang Images on Pinterest. He’s got lots of yummy cowboy pics for every season! I love this shot with the barbwire fence in the background. The openness of the picture was perfect for SHOTGUN JUSTICE which takes place in the panhandle of Texas. 


Anthony Catanzaro calls himself the Superman of personal fitness. I fell in love with this tan. Goodness. This picture was the Bryce Johnson inspiration for GUNSLINGER. Ironically, Bryce is sunburned during the story.


My Josh Parker inspiration had two images. I couldn’t discover who this model is. I loved the aviator shades with the hat!! My second image is of a REAL dad taken by a friend in a Walmart parking lot. We stalked him through the store and asked his wife’s permission to take the photo. I cropped his baby girl out, but my hero for HARD CORE LAW is the father of twins. There was something about the way this giant man took care of his baby while his wife shopped that struck a chord with me.

I hope you find your own inspiration…even at Walmart!



The twins were all Josh Parker had in this world. So when they were kidnapped, he couldn't rely on his Texas Rangers star to get them back safely. Or involve Tracey Cassidy, the only person he trusted to care for his children. A family of criminals was asking him to break the law if he ever wanted to see his children again. But when Tracey caught wind of his plan, she knew no matter how big Josh's heart was, he had a future with his twins to look forward to. They needed their father. And this was one burden he wouldn't have to shoulder alone.

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ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publisher’s Weekly best seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

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Josh is afraid of losing those close to him…


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