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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pocketful of Diamonds by Nicolette Pierce

To fall in love with a thief has its price.

Ian’s willing to pay the price of his heart and his time. 

Ian Miller has found a true belief in helping the people of a third world society in Sierra Leone through mining diamonds and donating the revenue to make a better life for the people.

Gwen visited the village with another project in mind.  She came to steal the diamonds, more than once.

The problem with this, other than loss of revenue to Ian, was he also lost his heart and she disappeared.  He berated himself for wanting a thief and used the excuse of finding the diamonds to reconnect with Gwen.

The aching heart mutually disturbed Gwen.  When she returned to Ian’s village, she dreaded the idea of another theft.  

From there, things get heated between Gwen and Ian along with other diamond thieves. 

Every thief has a story.  Gwen’s dramatic life and her reason for becoming a thief causes Ian to fall more in love with her.  Unimaginable but the heart will do funny things.

The story was full warm and intense scenes and great imagination!  I have to admit that I was tickled to meet the pygmy hippo and feisty monkey acting as silent counselors.  The rituals of the village of Sierra Leone gave a living quality to the villagers, and I wished for the best outcome for everyone I met along the wayJ


Happy reading,