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Friday, January 5, 2018

Firefighters, a Logger and an Immortal, Oh My! A Little Heat on these Cold Winter Nights

If you're looking for heroes who know all about heat, I've got a couple that may interest you :-)

Cole Hatcher in Cowboy's Match (Last Chance #2) knows his way around a fire. Too bad he thinks his old girlfriend is an arsonist.

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Bo Fletcher in Fletcher's Flame (Last Chance #3) takes the heat seriously, so when animal rescuer Dana risks her life for a cat, he decides to teach her to respect the heat, but he soon fears she may be the target of an arsonist.

If you prefer men who are used to the cold, then you might want to curl up with Zach in Passion's Poison. He has a hot tub at his log cabin in the forests of New Hampshire and he knows how to use it. Unfortunately, the woman who has fallen for him can't have sex with him without killing him, so I'm sure he could make room for you ;-)

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Then again, in Heart of Frankenstein, an immortal who is oblivious to the cold can come in handy, especially when he's attempting to save a woman who has severe frostbite, hypothermia and snow blindness. After all, what can she possibly do for herself without the use of her hands.

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Theses heroes will definitely warm you up on a cold winter's night. Who knows, you may just fall in love as well ;-)

Always, Lexi

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