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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Oxford Inheritance by Ann A. McDonald

This was a fabulous, calm, dark, yet intense mystery romance. 
The atmosphere of Oxford England holds an ancient and prestigious aura.  The students are steeped in studies during the day, but when darkness falls a black magic and generations old system comes into play.

Cassie worked hard to be accepted to Oxford, particularly the Raleigh College.  She has more than an education on her mind.  Her mother died when Cassie was fourteen, and Cassie knew little about her “real” mother.  With a tremendous amount of effort,
Cassie discovered her mother’s “former” life at Oxford. 

Now Cassie wants to find out why her mother was a different person, had changed her name, and above all who had fathered Cassie.

She entrusts pieces of information to several male students and a police officer to help her discover her mother’s history.  Each man has interest in her for different reason she’s not aware of. 

The friendship, camaraderie, and quick-to-help attitude of the men involved leave her with doubts on her choices of confidants.

Through the rain, fog, chilled air, and dark magic floating through the seams of the college, Cassie finds the true nature of her friends and which man is honest and compassionate with her.  It’s a great train wreck, I mean train ride on the way!

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