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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Woods (A Berry Springs Novel) by Amanda McKinney

The tale opens with a grisly death of Jenna.  Sounds simple; she’s pushed over a cliff.

It sounds even more simple of who pushed her.  That’s until the story is revealed through Katie, Jenna’s sister. 

After a year passes, Dr. Katie Somers returns to the area to sell her family home left empty after Jenna’s death.  A densely grown forest surrounds the house and holds more than an innocent eco-system. The Woods (A Berry Springs Novel, Book #1)

Katie is well acquainted with the cliff Jenna “fell” off of, and cannot believe the fall was an accident.  Katie knows there’s more to the story and is obsessed with finding out the truth.

Katie attempts to empty out and clean the old home and requires frequent trips to town where she meets former Army ranger, Jake Thompson.  Their paths repeatedly cross amidst more deaths in the woods.  The local sheriff blames Katie because she’s new to town.

And Katie has no idea whether to trust Jake.  Maybe if she was allowed to know his real purpose for camping out in Berry Springs, she’d relax. 

Well, who could relax when murders are committed, the local law enforcement has no intentions of finding a killer, and a hot and ready Army ranger has to pick a side?

Hopefully Katie stays in town, alive, long enough to find out all the truths…

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