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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Career of Evil by Rober Galbraith

Another masterpiece written by Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowling! 

Robin Ellacott, Cormoran Strike’s investigative partner, receives a body part in a box at their office.  Robin’s aghast.  Strike doesn’t like it either, but his mind immediately analyzes the situation and four names come to mind of who might have done this.  Not in agreement with Scotland yard, of course.

All the men who have a grudge against Strike.  That’s his list.

Robin wants to hide her apprehension and help with the investigation.  As more attacks happen to Robin and around the city, Strike demands she is home by dark.

Home to her fiancĂ© who hates her job.  Career of Evil Oct 2015.jpg

So, while a tricky and twisted follow up on the murder and continuing murders happens during office hours, The heart plays tricks on Robin and Strike.

Robin’s fiancĂ© admits to a possibly unforgiveable deed.  Robin takes time off from him while thinking about Strike after hours.  The problem is that Strike thinks about her too. 

It’s very common for the reader to cheer for the couple the reader wants to get together and stay together.  This one’s difficult.

Robin and Matt are still engaged with a huge issue at hand.  Robin adores Strike, but does it go further than that?  Strike has to force himself to keep only to business with her.  So, who gets Robin in the end?  Is it who the reader thinks will get her?  Is it who the reader wants to win? 

The end was a tear jerker and I couldn’t guess what would happen till I read it.  Another story I didn’t want to end!

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