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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

For The Hope Of A Crow by T.S. Joyce (Red Dead Mayhem #1)

T.S. Joyce creates characters with spunk and personality along with a story that I can’t help but cheer for the hero and heroine to figure out their problems! 

So, then I wondered how a male crow shapeshifter and a female moose shifter would fit together and what’s sexy about those animals?  Joyce didn’t let me down.

Ramsey’s human form is a badass leader of a biker group and hot as hell with rippling muscles, tats, and hidden sensitivity which needs to be exposed.  Crows mate for life and his crow’s initial pick dumped him like a hot rock.  He needs to be fixed before he goes crazy and takes his clan down with him.For the Hope of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #1)

In walks Vina, opposite of her moose personality, she’s calm and a bit na├»ve.  She’s been divorced and has a plan to mate a crow because they mate for life.  She likes pink and using cuss words doesn’t appeal to her. It’s quite the road to determine if the two opposites find a common need.

The story’s entertaining and full of colorful terms and descriptions to get Vina and Ramsey to a point where love reveals their matching good sides! Man saves woman and moose (yes, the female) saves the crow.

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