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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Tough story to rate.  Well written and interesting along with dark and alarming in the revelations of personal problems prevalent today.

Camille Preaker has more problems than the usual person.  She’s a journalist, not a very good one, in Chicago and is sent home to Missouri to cover a story which brings back the demons of her problems. Sharp Objects gives viewers nightmares with horror twist in dark series finale

A serial killer is taking the lives of young girls and saving the teeth as mementos.  Camille needs to get this story in order to keep her profession alive.  She hooks up with a Kansas City detective, Richard, who’s interested in more than giving her a story.

Richard truly likes Camille and attempts to break through her barriers to men.  Another problem of hers, she has no idea how to construct a relationship.Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn | Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Camille’s issues started as the daughter of a hypochondriac mother, Adora.  Adora repeatedly claimed her three daughters were sick and she had to nurse them.  One’s dead, another, Amma, is still under control of the mother, and Camille had tried to get away and become a “normal” person.

It’s funny how the murders in a small town circle around Camille’s life, dragging her personally into the crime and reviving her addictive nature.  Camille has to sort through the bad and find the good in herself.

Richard is willing to give her a chance, but is she able to be “normal?”  Is she able to separate her problems, the problems of the murders, and let Richard touch her physically and mentally?

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