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Friday, March 22, 2019

Veronica Reviews: RED ZONE by T.S. McKinney and Sharon West

Red Zone
Shannon West & T.s. McKinney

5 Stars
“I don’t want to be your friend.  I want to be your everything.  I want to be your friend, your lover, your Dom, because I know what you need.  And I will be there for you.  I give you my promise.”

Kingston Bentley’s life seems to be perfect—good looks, good grades, and star quarterback for a college football team getting ready to defend their two time National Championship title.  But not everything golden is what it seems, and Kingston has secrets.  While on the surface he appears to be proud and confident, Kingston is hiding so much…especially a need he can’t explain…a need to submit…

When Kingston is arrested on false accusations, Memphis, the coach’s son, is quickly made the new starting quarterback.  While exonerated from charges, Kingston is still suffering mentally and seeks out his outlet to release his pain.  The Dom in Memphis sees the turmoil and longing in Kingston, and offers Kingston something he’s never had in his life…a chance to be himself.  “And that moment—that moment of acceptance and surrender—it wasn’t when life as I knew it was over.  It was when it finally, finally began.”  Over time, these two rivals come together like jagged pieces of glass—broken and rough on the edges but still fit perfectly.
Dear Reader, I’m at a loss as to how to review this story.  I loved it!  Beyond loved it!  How to convey my feelings in words without babbling is beyond my wordsmith.  Without question, if you are a fan of romance, and not the fairy tale everything is perfect kind, I highly recommend Red Zone.
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