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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Veronica Reviews: BEAST OF EDEN by Lexi Post

Beast of Eden
by Lexi Post

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

5 Stars

 “I have never been so at peace as I am right now, knowing you love me.”

 Scientist/zoologist/discoverist, Xavia Jones is invited to world full of men searching for their Chosen One.  Eden is a paradise to the ever questioning mind of Xavia.  Her inquisitive nature is fascinated by a planet full of verra sexy and verra naked men.  (Yes, you read that right!  It’s Eden, so why have clothes?)  With men outnumbering the women, it allows for a more the merrier coupling.  (Yup!  Read that right too!  This is a ménage lover’s dream come true!)  Xavia is asked to join a group of three Edenists, but when one of her group is exiled outside the walls of the community of Tolba, the injustice behind it causes Xavia to follow him out into the jungle…into the unknown.

Lyka is both shocked with concern and overwhelmed with love that Xavia has chosen to join him in exile.  But the unknown that lies outside the safety of the walls of Tolba is enough to cause Lyka to use his Kindred of Eden powers and shield Xavia’s presence from others.  But there is one she cannot be shielded from…the Beast.

Davos, feared for his shifter abilities, was exiled in his youth.  Always alone even in a crowd, he’s become both provider and protector for the residents of Una.  Una has become a home and haven for those that share the Kindred of Eden ability.  When he recognizes his dearest friend from childhood, Lyka, he’s caught up in memories, both good and bad.  But when he catches a scent of flowers and a woman, the Beast within recognizes that which could finally bring them peace.                                         

Xavia and Lyka see Davos’ longing for love, but will the Beast be too much for them to form a true bond, or will it be last piece of the puzzle that connects and makes three become one. 

Lexi Post has created a mystical world where lovers care deeply for their beloved as well as each other.  To live each day discovering new wonders and finding love is just the type of story I’ll never tire of reading.  Highly recommend Lexi Post’s Beast of Eden!  While this is part of her Eden series, it may be read stand alone, but Reader be warned, it will make you want to go back and read the other stories in the series!

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