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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dark Road Home by Karen Harper

A great mix of romance and suspense mixed with the Amish lifestyle!

A quiet Amish community in Maplecreek, Ohio finds itself plagued with a tragedy, change, and acceptance.

Brooke Benton moves into town to leave behind the corporate lawyer world and looking for peace and quiet.

Daniel Brand grew up in Maplecreek, left to see what was beyond the quaint border, and has returned to reclaim his Amish heritage.  Dark Road Home

Not long after they both move to town, a brutal murder of several young people in a vehicle/buggy collision tests the strength and Amish ways of the community. 

Amish want to mourn the lost children and keep the outside legal system from intruding.

Brooke yearns to use her legal knowledge to find the killer.

And then there’s Daniel, who struggles with the need to remain truthful to Amish ways, not let a worldly woman like Brooke enter his heart, and whether to find or ignore the killer.

Justice must prevail, and Daniel grudgingly and slowly partners with Brooke to search for the killer.  And who knows, maybe it’s okay to be Amish and love someone of another belief.

Brooke didn’t want to meet a man.  Simple is better, but when you have to deal with justice and high emotions, sometimes lovely things arrange themselves.

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