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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Happily Every After . . . and a doughnut wall

Over this weekend, I attended my brother's wedding. It was lovely like most weddings are. They said I do and then we hurried to the party. And then they revealed the most spectacular thing: A doughnut wall that the groom had made. Now, that's love! Two layers of doughnuts dangled on each peg. There were even doughnuts with gummy bears and bacon on it. Fun! My eyes were as round as the doughnuts. I ended up trying the Oreo cookie doughnut. Yum!

Every year, brides and grooms are getting more creative with their celebration. Mine was traditional in nature. Bride, groom, cake, band, drinks. It was absolutely lovely as well. But, would I have wanted a doughnut wall if I had thought about it? (I'm infatuated with doughnuts, so probably yeah.) Or something else? What would you (or will you) want at your wedding?

Until next time, 
Nicolette Pierce

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