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Friday, April 26, 2019

Veronica Reviews: AN UNWILLING EARL by Sharon Cullen

An Unwilling Earl
Sharon Cullen

4.5 Stars
“Strong people are scared all of the time.  Facing their fears is what makes them strong.”

Widowed solicitor Jacob Ashland has just recently inherited the title Earl of Ashland.  His entire life is being turned upside down, and when he is approached by Lady Morris to hunt down her missing niece, Charlotte, he suspects there is something more behind her request. 

London is being terrorized by a gruesome killer of women.  Jacob and his best friend have been meeting to trade theories on who could be the murderer as well as trying to locate Lady Morris’ missing niece, Charlotte, and hoping she has not fallen victim to this slasher.
In the dark of night, orphaned Charlotte flees from her aunt and cousin.  Fearful of what is going on under the roof of her tyrant aunt, she finds herself dressed as a lad and literally running right into the Earl of Ashland.  Being kind of heart, Jacob takes Charlotte into his home and offers sanctuary.  But as their days together pass, they find themselves becoming fast friends…companions…and awaken a love that cannot be denied.  Charlotte must find the strength finally trust Jacob with the secret of why she fled her aunt’s home before their love affair comes to a deadly end.

An Unwilling Earl is not at all what I was expecting!  Do not let the blurb fool you into thinking this is your typical historical romance.  Within these pages lies a murder mystery, and while I had guessed the killer’s identity, it was quite an adventure to see how Charlotte and Jacob worked together to bring the murderer to justice as well as heal old wounds and find true love.  Very much recommend and look forward to reading more from this author!
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