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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Is It Hot In Here?

Hello, gentle readers!
It’s a hot one in Phoenix (not as hot as yesterday or the day before, but still…)! I turned on my air conditioner. Some of you might think this is late in the season (it is the middle of April, after all, and I know a few people who turned on their air in March), but the weather, up until rather recently, has been so pleasant, I haven’t had the need.
Of course, there is also the game I play…how long can I tolerate the soaring temperatures before I give in and turn on the A/C (I play the same game with the heat in the winter). If we’re keeping score, I beat last years’ game!
We hit our first 100 degree temperature on Friday (at least, according to my thermometer under the carport…I don’t think it’s official yet). I will admit, I was spoiled by our lovely spring here and wasn’t quite ready for it. Then again, I’m at that lovely age where I don’t know if it’s a heat wave or a hot flash!
I’m moving along on my current work in progress, though sometimes it seems like slow going. The voices are in my head (along with a whole chorus of other voices, screaming “write my story” but there’s only so much time, you know?).
It’s amazing to me, after all this time—I’ve been writing since I was fourteen—that I still have words left, but then I look at Jennifer Ashley and Victoria Alexander, two of my favorite authors, and the words are still coming for them (and a lot more than me), and I am filled with hope that the words will never stop.
Speaking of those words, I should get back to it. Wife for Hire will not get finished by itself.

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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