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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Dying Room by Debra Webb

Sylvia has more than the heat of Alabama on her back when she takes on a murder spree that involves the most unsuspecting group of people.

As the county coroner, she handles the most intimate parts of the dead.  And she finds a marking on the dead that she recognizes.  She can’t let it slip by the police, but she wants to make sure it’s what she thinks it is.The Dying Room

Wringing her hands, she calls a former “acquaintance,” PI Buddy Corlew.  She’s touched him before and can’t believe she wants to do it again.  He’s nothing like what she sees herself with; his hair is shoulder length and to see him in a professional mode requires jeans and possibly a sports jacket if she’s lucky.  But he’s a good man and makes her panties wet.

Buddy doesn’t have any misgivings in helping Sylvia.  Matter of fact, it couldn’t hurt to get to know her better.  Although, to help her with the investigation may hurt her more than anything when the truth is revealed.

Then the danger starts as Sylvia wants to get to the bottom of the murders by herself.

Buddy warns her.  Buddy kisses her.  Buddy does his best to save her.

A great romantic suspense that Webb is well known to provide!

Read everyday!


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