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Sunday, September 1, 2019

BLIND SYMPATHY by Roberta Bombonato now Released!

Blind Sympathy
Roberta Bombonato

So let's say you were on Tinder and this image came up, would you swipe right? Come on, he has a good heart!

What if he had an eHarmony profile? He loves cooking, carving, and shape shifting.

It is NOT easy to love a Beast, NOT even when the beauty is blind.

Get scared like the Exorcist because Israfel's last school assignment is to possess an innocent soul! 

Vafara, on the other hand, is a blind composer blessed with music and kindness. She prayed for someone who would challenge her without taking consideration that she could not see. Not even the goodness of her soul could have prepared her for this destiny. She will not go easy into the night, for her innocence is guarded by Angels.  

When Heaven and Hell have been at war for souls over the centuries and contracts are fraught with loop holes, could an unexpected love tip the scale of balance between good and evil or even change the course of fate the afterlife? 

Blind Sympathy, by Roberta Bombonato on sale now. Buy your copy today on Amazon
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