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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

This is a lovely historical romance set in Ireland cerca 1920.
Starting out in the 21st century, Anne Gallagher loved to write her bestseller mystery novels and never took time for romance.  The only person she adored was her grandfather, Eoin.  His passing changed her life more than believable, or maybe not.
Anne's interest in her family history from Ireland, led her to bring Eoin's ashes to be spread in a lough.  Traveling through time was never on her schedule.
The mist of the lough shrouded her rowboat causing her to loose her sense of direction.
A big bang took her into the arms of Thomas Smith. What the Wind Knows
Impossible.  Thomas was in his thirties in 1920. He was the best friend of Anne's great-grandfather.  Now, Thomas is a young man about her own age. The Anne Gallagher that Thomas knew in the 1900's was the great-grandmother of the 21st century Anne. They looked a lot alike.  Could be mistaken for one another.
Many of the green pastures and old buildings look the same in Ireland, but the roads are rough and the people certainly wear outdated clothing.
Thomas always had a thing for the great-grandmother Anne who had disappeared during the Irish
 Revolution, and here she was, returned to his arms five years after she disappeared.
Such a great and touching story of the Revolution along with how Anne handles her transport.
Afraid to fall in love, Thomas and Anne learn about each other and wonder when too much truth can keep them together or send them apart.
I was mystified throughout the story, wondering how this love can survive the challenges of time.

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