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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Primal Obsession by Susan Vaughan

With autumn speeding towards us, many men are stoked about hunting.  That includes The Hunter in  Primal Obsession.
Granted The Hunter is not your average man, he's a monster and hunts people.
Annie Wylde gave the killer his name when she journaled his actions in her reporting for a newspaper.  Too bad The Hunter noticed her.
Emma, Annie's best friend was one of his victims with a brutal chase through the woods and despicable torture, death, and rape in that order.   Emma and Annie had planned a canoe trip in the woods of Maine, and Annie was determined to fulfill her part and maybe learn what energized The Hunter.Primal Obsession
Sam Kincaid nursed his own problem and forced himself to turn from pro baseball to a Maine guide.
Sam appreciated Annie's features, convinced he had nothing to offer any woman.  Self confidence was one of his problems with the change in his life.
Annie had no use for an egotistical jock.  Aren't they all full of themselves?
A week traveling by canoe and land along with less than gourmet food, should give both of them an idea on what can create trust and a friendship, which is also the start of, dare I say it, a relationship.
There are six people and four tents on the trip.  I hope the wrong one doesn't sleep alone.  I'm concerned with safety in this comment!
Where else would The Hunter be, but in the woods and tracking his prey?
The story keeps the mystery alive with doubt and suspicion alternating between characters.  Also, with so much danger and unknown traps, how can there be time to get to know someone, let alone find love in a spooky, dark woods?  Grab this novel and keep the lights bright as you find out!

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