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Friday, September 6, 2019

Veronica Reviews: HIGHLAND CROWN by May McGoldrick

Highland Crown 
(Royal Highlander #1)
May McGoldrick

4 Stars

“They’d known each other for only a short time, but life was short with no guarantees of tomorrow.”
Isabella Drummond is a trained physician in a man’s world.  Fighting hard to garner the respect so rightly deserved, she treats those that come to her in need of her care.  But unbeknown to her, some of her patients are part of the Scottish rebellion and her husband is one of them.  After a skirmish between the British soldiers and the rebels, Isabella finds herself a widow on the run from both the British and Scotts for information.  Hidden away in a small village along the shore, she meets Cinaed MacKintosh, a wounded sea captain with secrets of his own.  Together Isabella and Cinaed fight for their lives while falling in love in the wilds of the Highlands.

While reading Highland Crown, I found the story more of a work of historical fiction rather than romance.  The characters are well developed as well as the conflict that surrounds them, but I found the romance a little lacking until I changed my reading point-of-view and thought of this not as my typical historical romance and more of a telling of two characters fighting for what they believe in and finding solace in each other’s company.  Highland Crown is the first installment in May McGoldrick’s Royal Highlander series.  While there is an ending, there are questions still left unanswered.  Overall, Highland Crown is an enjoyable well written historical that I would recommend. 


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