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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

The story opens in the thirteenth century, Ireland as we meet the Dark Witch, her children, special pets, and the evil man, Cabhan, who wants her more than life.  And he proves it, which takes us to current day at the same spot in Ireland and with several generations later of the Dark Witch's descendants.
Little did Iona know that her reason to spontaneously leave her uncaring family and move to Ireland wasn't the same reason that Ireland "called" her.  She wants to meet her two cousins and make a life near them.Dark Witch
Iona wants freedom, to work with horses, a friend would be nice, and possibly a nice man to pay attention to her.  I don't think she's asking for much.
It's a magical story, literally, as we encounter Iona's cousins, Branna and Connor.  Iona is welcomed into their home and life.  The cousins explain to Iona that she makes the trio of witches to complete the power to fight the evil witch, Cabhan, who still survives to this day.
Wait!  The cousins are witches, and...wait! So is Iona!  She knows nothing about magic, but is easily convinced to give it a whirl.
This doesn't mean she's giving up on the rest of her ideas.  And with her new connections, she is accepted to work at a horse ranch for a man, Boyle, whom she can't keep her eyes and maybe her hands from touching.
As Iona is taught the magic of the witches, she is tested in scary ways.  Between herself, her cousins, Boyle, and a few friends, Iona finds out whether she's cut out to be a witch and if Boyle can accept such a powerful woman in his life.
A challenging group of characters who had to figure out how to fit together and figure out their puzzle, and a beautiful puzzle it was!

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