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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Changes (Part 2)

Hello, gentle readers!
I have a confession to make. I…have not been writing. I know! This is so unusual for me. I’ve always written. In most cases, it’s how I deal with stress. The one place where I have control (well, until my characters start doing what ever they want, totally disregarding what I want/need them to do). My characters are in limbo (did they write themselves into the corner they’re in or did I do it?) and yet, I can’t seem to make myself open the file and get them out of limbo. I know where they have to go…that happily ever after we all crave, but it’s just not happening at the moment.
It could be that I am too distracted by what’s going on in the world.
Or it could be that my routine has changed.
I think it’s that last thing, more than anything else. I really do.
Now, you all know I love my routines. They’re how I live my life. Everything is carefully orchestrated in order to get as much done as possible with limited time, but lately, that routine has been in limbo as much as my characters are. Like many of you, I am practicing social distancing as well as working from home.
Now don’t get me wrong. I am extremely grateful that I am allowed to work from home. I truly am, especially when so many cannot. My dogs love it…more opportunity for them to get cuddles and cookies. My DH likes it (I think).  
So, what is the solution? Make a new routine, of course (easier said than done…my old routine has served me well for the past twenty years or so). Beginning now. No more allowing myself to become distracted by things I can’t control (i.e. the outside world). I am safe in my home, thankful beyond belief that I am here. I can do this. Just a few little tweaks to how I used to do things and I’ll be on my way, once more letting my characters run rough-shod over my outline. I do miss Gabe and Doctor Andi, the hero and heroine of Wife Wanted. They deserve more from me than they're currently getting. I will do better by them!
Speaking of changes, I tried Zoom for the first time when talking to the mistress of this website. I loved it. First time we’d ‘seen’ each other in a while (she looks fabulous, by the way). In fact, I liked it so much that I Zoomed (is that a word?) with my son, too! You should try it!
Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go. Right now, we need that more than ever. Be safe. Stay well!


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  1. I so get it!! And that "zoom" thingy, well, I'm just comfortable using what I already know...I always fight about learning new technology and eventually submit to it!