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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dark Russian Angel (A Vancouver Mafia Romance) by Odette Stone

Which bad boy is a better bet on getting help?
Olivia needs help, but only bad men and no help is all around her after she witnesses a murder.
Under the Witness Protection Program, the police get cold feet as they are picked off one by one.  Maybe helping a stripper isn't enough of a payback for putting their lives on the line.
Andrusha has a problem with this.
As the leader of the Russian Mafia stationed in Vancouver, Andrusha couldn't be happier if Olivia lived to tell the truth in court against his rival.Dark Russian Angel
As her safe house is again attacked, Andrusha steps in.
Getting to know each other wasn't part of the plan, but Olivia feels an attraction to the dangerous man who saved her.  Yet, his lifestyle scares her.
Andrusha likes to be in control of everything, including his women.  The fact that he got her a dog as a companion saved him in my eyes.  And he refuses to control her, but rather he digs in himself and finds a kinder, caring element of his personality he didn't know about.
An exciting and surprising read as I followed the unfolding of a man and woman's unconventional romance.

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